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Body Brushing is a tried and true method of detoxifying the body of built up toxic waste in the muscles and skin through flushing the lymphatic system. Haven’t heard of it? Ask your mother if she knows what dry skin or body brushing is and I think you will be surprised at the answer you will receive. It’s been around for a long time.

Body Brushing has roots going back to ancient Egyptians, the pioneers of beauty rituals, where dry body brushes were used when they exfoliated using sour milk and grapes for their acids. Ayurveda, a healing system over 5000 years old that Pura Vie is inspired by, uses the body brushes in a practice called Gharsana to induce detoxification. Russian, Turkish, and Scandinavian people have been doing this for centuries. Ancient Chinese created the loofah that we know today with the dried fibers of the silk squash. So there has to be something to this simple and easy practice since it’s been recorded in history all over the world.

What is so great about brushing your skin? Plenty of benefits! Check them out:

  • · Exfoliates
  • · Eliminates dead skin cells
  • · Tightens skin (reduces appearance of cellulite)
  • · Helps with muscle tone
  • · Helps to more even distribute fat deposits
  • · Allows for better absorption of products
  • · Stimulates oil glands, and smoothes and softens the skin
  • · Stimulates elimination of cellular waste
  • · Aids in lymphatic drainage
  • · Increases circulation
  • · Improves metabolism
  • · Rejuvenates nervous system by stimulating nerve endings
  • · Helps the body’s natural detoxification process

Here is a great routine to see some results:That’s a lot of great benefits both internally and externally. Our skin is the biggest organ of our body, constantly exposed to different environmental elements that can clog the pores and filter into our bloodstream making our bodies sluggish from waste buildup. We have to loosen those toxins and flush them out so that our body isn’t on constant overdrive fighting harmful illness causing bacteria that can make us really sick.

A popular external benefit is the redistribution of fat under the skin. Cellulite: we hate how it looks and feels. There are so many creams and painful mechanical treatments you can elect to have done that may help the appearance, but body brushing is still the #1 way to have long-term effects on the improvement of cellulite. Just 10 minutes before you take a hot shower every day is all you need to begin to see your skin tighten and smoother in a few weeks.

Here is a great routine to see some results:

  1. Brush in upward motions: fluid circular motions starting from the ankle and moving up around the knee to the thighs, especially outer thighs. Do some circular motions about 3x and then brush upwards in 1 fluid stroke, like painting, from ankle to outer hip. If you have cellulite present on the thigh: inner/outer focus on performing fast circles moving up as this is the flow of the lymphatic system.
  2. Brush your abdomen in a clockwise motion. Put the brush under your diaphragm and move to the left all the way around until you are back at the starting point. It’s very important you follow this motion because that is the intestinal flow of the body and you don’t want to back that up!
  3. Brushing the upper body in upward movements towards the heart will help loosen muscles and relax you. You don’t need to use a lot of force or pressure on any part of the body to do this, but you should see a rosy hue on the skin as your blood circulation will increase.
  4. As an added bonus, take dry coffee grounds, mix it with a little of coconut/olive oil and apply it the areas with cellulite. Perform an exfoliation concentrating the grounds on those areas. Be vigorous in your application. Wash off in the shower and apply a non-fragranced body cream, preferably Shea Butter. You will have temporary tightness in those areas, which helps to smooth the visibility of cellulite.

We love body brushing and are really excited to have it be a part of our Spring Clean Massage we are currently offering in our seasonal menu. We perform the brushing before a deeply relaxing massage with Himalayan Salt Stones. At the end of the treatment, we gift you the brush to take home so you can continue to use it every day. This massage will be available April 1-May 31. 60/90 Min. $90/$130. Book your treatment this Spring and begin to feel the positive changes with continual use.

Written by Noemi Pareja, owner of Pura Vie Spa

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