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Thai massage is an effective healing massage modality that incorporates gentle compression, assisted full body stretching and spiritual practice to balance the mind-body connections. Sen lines, or energy meridians that run through our bodies, are activated through specific applied compression patterns to re-align and balance the energy flow in our body to facilitate health, vitality, and harmony within us.

Thai massage has wonderful benefits for our conscious mind. It will reduce and relieve stress and anxiety, help to develop discipline and self-control, and will achieve better mental health and increase your concentration and creativity.

Thai massage focuses on opening the joints of the body to allow energy to flow and will also increase flexibility of the muscles. Breathing is improved as tight, stiff muscles release tension allowing the lungs to fully expand to increase healthy oxygenated blood throughout the body. Thai massage helps with posture problems, corrects body alignments and boosts athletic performance. It is wonderful for those that have chronic back pain and suffering from arthritic issues as well.

Traditionally, Thai Massage is practiced on a floor mat with the recipient being fully clothed. The practitioner focuses their intention on the breath of the body, setting a wave like rhythm with their compression and moving the body gently, rocking the recipient in a nurturing manner. Thai Massage requires several hours to move through each body part to allow the recipient to let go mentally and physically to allow for the Chi or energy to flow properly. It’s common practice to receive Thai Massage for a minimum of 2 Hours if not longer.

At Pura Vie, we provide Table-Top Thai Massage (60/90 Min. $140/$195) in our treatment rooms. Same traditional movements, but on the comfort of our heated treatment tables. Recipients remain fully clothed in loose fitting clothes while the practitioner performs compressions with the hands, arms, and feet while on the table as well. Practitioners will move on and off the table and around the body very gently and quietly. The feeling a recipient of Thai Massage will receive is that of a gentle wave while being rocked to sleep. A deep meditative state can be achieved if the mind and body are open to complete balance.

Pura Vie also provides a combination of western massage: Relaxation or Therapeutic style, that focuses on muscle tension relief and target Thai Massage stretching and compression for joint pain relief as well. This service is called Thai Fusion Massage (60/90 Min. $145/$200) and is one of my favorite services to provide to our spa guests. Aromatherapy body oils and heated Himalayan Stones are used as well to provide the ultimate body therapy and wellness experience.


Samantha is a dual licensed massage therapist and esthetician with over 10 years of bodywork experience. Her specialty is assisted stretching and educating her clients on self-care. She enjoys holistic skincare and works with you to create the proper regimen to care for your skin. Samantha

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