Thank you for supporting our small business. As we open our doors to the community during this unprecedented time, we have created new operational policies for our retail boutique and massage studio. We want to ensure a safe and sanitary operation for our patrons as well as our staff. These policies will remain in effect until State Mandated and CDC guidelines inform us of any changes during the Covid-19 crisis. 

Retail Boutique-In Store Shopping

1. All customers must wear masks at all times while inside the store. If customer does not have a mask, a complimentary mask will be given to you to wear at store entrance.

2. Customers hands will be sprayed with hand sanitizer upon entrance to the store. If customer prefers to use their own hand sanitizer, they must do so upon entering the boutique.

3. There will only be a maximum of 14 shoppers total at any time inside store premises. This is to ensure we are in adherence of CDC social distancing guidelines of 6ft. between each individual and restricting the number of people per 1000 sq. ft. 

4. Cash transactions will not be permitted at this time due to the possibility of viral contamination on paper currency. Credit, Debit, and Gift Cards will be the only permitted form of payment.

5. Refunds will not be available at this time for any purchase. We are unable to sanitize purchased items once they leave our premises and returned items are not permitted for resale. Please be advised that all purchases are Final until further notice. 

Massage Therapy Services

1. Massage Therapy Services are by appointment only. Appointments may be requested online via our website, by phone, and inside of the boutique. *A Maximum of 4 Massage Services Will Be Provided On A Daily Basis.*  **Massage Appointments will be available Monday-Friday and service days are subject to change.**

2. Massage Appointment Requests must be secured with a valid credit/debit card at time of reservation and the card on file will be charged on the day of appointment to eliminate the need for touch-payment with our credit card processor. 

3. Cancellation Policy: We Require a 24-Hour cancellation/re-schedule request notification for all services. If you are feeling ill and have the following symptoms: Fever, Cough, Runny Nose, Body Aches, Rash w/ Broken Skin, Chest and Sinus Congestion, you MUST contact us immediately so we can cancel your appointment and avoid service charge. Services that are cancelled/re-scheduled with Less than 24-Hour notice not due to illness WILL incur a 100% charge for the missed appointment. 

4. Illness: Do not request an appointment if you are experiencing the following symptoms:Fever, Cough, Runny Nose, Body Aches, Rash w/ Broken Skin, Chest and Sinus Congestion. If you request an appointment while experiencing these symptoms and exhibit active signs of illness at the time of service, we will immediately cancel your appointment and reserve the right charge for missed appointment due to negligence to adhere to our policy. We must protect the safety and sanitation of our work environment, practitioners and other patrons by enforcing this protocol.

5. Cancellation Due to Illness: If services must be cancelled due to illness, you will not be able to re-schedule an appointment for a minimum of 21 days and must produce a valid physician's clearance for massage therapy approval at the time of service. We will not provide services without physician clearance at this time.

6. Arrival Time: Customers scheduled for services must arrive NO EARLIER than 10 MINUTES PRIOR to the time of their scheduled appointment. Waiting inside of the boutique prior to appointment time is not permitted and you may be asked to wait outside if the shop is at its 6 person capacity for shopping. Customers are welcomed to shop our retail offerings AFTER their service is completed. Arriving more than 10 Minutes Late for appointment will Reduce the total service time and customer may be refused for service in order to have the required time to properly sanitize the work room for the next customer.  

7. Required Sanitation: The following sanitation protocols must be followed in order to be able to provide massage therapy services.

A. Customer MUST shower prior to arriving for their scheduled service. 

B. Customer MUST wear fresh, clean articles of clothing that have not had any contact with animals and individuals in other establishments prior to arriving to our studio.

C. Customer MUST come directly from their home to our massage studio without visiting any other establishment if possible. If any visits are made prior to massage appointment, customer MUST bring fresh articles of clothing to wear upon entering our establishment. It is of great importance that our studio is not exposed to possible viral contamination from clothing.

D. Customers arriving for massage therapy appointments MUST wear a mask upon entering our establishment. If customer does not have a mask, a complimentary one will be provided for you.

E. Customers arriving for massage therapy appointments will be directed to the restroom to wash hands and arms prior to service.

F. Customers will complete and sign all required health consent forms with practitioner prior to rendering massage services.

G. Customers must wear mask over their Mouth for the ENTIRE duration of massage therapy service.

H. Customer must wash their hands AGAIN after their massage service is completed.

I. Customer must wear mask inside of the boutique after massage service has ended.

J. Customer must wear gloves that will be given post-massage treatment inside of the boutique or provide their own after service.

8. Gratuities: Should a customer wish to leave a gratuity for the practitioner that provided their service, they can do so via debit/credit payment after the service. We will charge the card on file used for service payment with the amount desired. Cash will ONLY be permitted for gratuity purposes and MUST be the exact amount you wish to give. We will not be able to provide "Change" as we are not accepting CASH as a main form of payment at this time.

We Look Forward to Being A Part of Your Wellness Journey

We appreciate your understanding, cooperation and patience with us as we navigate through these new operational changes we must implement at this time. We hope that these protocols will only be in effect during the onset of the Covid-19 crisis and we can return to our non-pandemic policies and procedures. We look forward to welcoming you to our boutique and studio.