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Enrich. Empower. Enlighten

Pura Vie translates to “Pure Life” and is a center of spiritual balance and  rejuvenation for all who seek enlightenment. The name is derived from  the Spanish expression “Pura Vida” and the French phrase “La Vie Bohème”. “Pura Vida” means to live a life free of stress, to be grateful  for what you have, and to release negativity. “La  Vie Bohème” is the Bohemian free-spirited way of life of the individual  who believes in truth, freedom, and love. 

The energy Pura Vie embodies is open to all who desire natural, holistic bodywork, mind-body balance and strengthen their knowledge and practice in higher-conscious living.

Our Mantra: ENRICH. EMPOWER. ENLIGHTEN is also our Mission Statement. We seek to Enrich the soul through spiritual balance, Empower the body with holistic self-care, and Enlighten the mind to share this knowledge with  the world. 

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Please take the time to read our massage therapy service and retail product purchase policies. We aim to operate a harmonious studio and boutique through the consistent adherence of our guidelines.

Meet the Team


Noemi Pareja-Licensed Massage Therapist

Noemi is a free-spirited therapist that has been licensed over 10+ years. Her love for holistic wellness and bodywork has led her to create a practice of mindfulness, restoration and education for all who wish to experience holistic treatments. Her specialties include Ayurvedic and Table-Thai Massage, Sports/Deep Tissue Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Active Stretching, and Myofascial Release, all which aid in the release of chronic tension, muscle pain and increased joint mobility. Her expansive background has allowed her to work with professional athletes, musicians, actors and manage exotic, luxurious resort spas before becoming a part of Pura Vie.

Lic. #: MA 66552


Brandy Potter-Licensed Massage Therapist

Brandy  has been a licensed practitioner since 2010. She is a western-style therapist that enjoys providing luxurious spa treatments such as Relaxation, Deep Tissue, Aromatherapy and Warm Stone Massages. She loves customizing her sessions to incorporate a combination of relaxation, therapeutic and aromatherapy techniques to relieve pain and to create a state of peace within her clients. Brandy is a proud mother of 4 beautiful children, a rodeo mom and a brand new grandmother.

Lic. # MA 60601


Kaley Aldridge-Boutique Associate/Artisan

Kaley is the sweet, bubbly and knowledgeable boutique associate that helps keep Pura Vie operating smoothly. Kaley is also an artisan and the creator of Moonebird, a jewlery and pottery line, that is available inside of our shop. She is extremely knowledgeable of the downtown Lakeland scene and of our holistic products, especially jewelry :). She is married, has 2 sweet puppers, a kitty and an Axolotl. She is currently finishing her studies to obtain her degree in Marine Biology.